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Name: Loes Linders D.O.B. 2 January 1988 Nationality: Dutch Home town: Uden Home spot: at the River Maas Start rinding since: 2009


About Me

Why I  Wakeboarding

Pretty much my whole life I been actieve at playing sports and I still do. When I was 6 years old I start with gymnastics. Soon after I started they told me that I had some tallent for it and I kept going. It ended with an elite gymnastic carier for almost 16 years. During that periode did I a lot of national and international competitions. Like National, European and World Championships. I compete also in some World Cups and other big International competitions. The highline of my carier was the European Youth Olympic Festival at Paris in 2003. I won there 3 silver medalls at the team competition and at vault and beam.

Carrier Switch

April 2009 I made a carrier swtich and at the fist place it didn’t ment to be one. I desided to retired gymnastics and start doing a lot of other sports like snowboarding and wakeboarding, I am still so happy that my brothers took me out to this places. In the first season my brother learnt me a flip and again I felt in love with a sport. But I think it was a big switch in a lifestyle as well! In the folllowing years I got used to the lifestyle and sport and I couldn’t wish a better life at the moment!


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